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Tote Sport [read review] is one of the top sports betting websites in the world, and the site is offering a terrific promotion to first-time players. From now until the 31st of July, users who open new accounts on the Totepool.com website can get £10 by betting £5. This gives players a valuable free bet.

Sports enthusiasts can put their knowledge to good use by signing up at Tote Sport [read review] but they need to act quickly to take advantage of this promotion. By signing up now, players can take advantage of a free bet that can earn them significant sums of money if they make the right picks. Tote Sport is a great destination for online sports betting, and there is no better time than right now to sign up and play.

Some people have been sports fans throughout their entire lives. They have memorized statistics and learned everything about their favorite games and players. This accumulation of knowledge can actually be useful when it comes to the lucrative world of sports betting, and Tote Sport is making it easier than ever for sporting enthusiasts to earn some money with their knowledge and instincts.

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